Cupping Therapy For The Body in Missoula, MT

During a cupping treatment, a glass cup is placed on the skin and then heated or suctioned onto the skin. The cup is then heated with fire that's placed directly into the cup. The fire source is removed, and the heated cup is placed with the open side directly on your skin. When the hot cup is placed on your skin, the air inside the cup cools and creates a vacuum that draws the skin and muscle upward into the cup. Your skin may turn red as the blood vessels respond to the change in pressure. The cups are then either left in place to increase circulation and release constrictions or a sliding method is used to treat a broader area of muscle tissue. Think of cupping like a backwards deep tissue massage; instead of pushing down on the muscles we are pulling them up. Cupping may leave round marks on the skin, but they typically fade within a week.

Eastern Medicine facial rejuvenation - Includes 30 minutes of facial massage, cupping, and Gua Sha and ends with 15 minutes of a Chinese Herbal Infusion mask and a hand and foot massage.

Benefits of cupping:

  • Increases circulation
  • Aides the body in expelling toxins
  • Eases muscular pain especially in the shoulders, neck, back, chest, knees and glutes
  • Relieves headaches and migraines
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helps with sleep


  • 30 minute session $45
  • 60 minute session $80

gratuity not included in price.